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We are hosting a cross-ocean forum contest 'Still Teh Prettiest'


From our discussion thread on the forums.

Still Teh Prettiest!

"A fine table it is, if by table mean ye a stump bolstered by iron fish. Is this a table that you'd be makin', or is it merely a new an' interestin' form of anchor? For if ye'd see this as aught other'n purposed as ballast, it needs have not just strength but looks. I've heard that cedar lionheads be most valued fer improvin' the looks of this lot."

We want the prettiest, the strongest, the best... but we are only three pirates. Which is why we are running a contest asking you, the vast and wonderful pirates of the Forums, to help us decide which GCPP Gilthead Table is 'Still Teh Prettiest'. And have we got bribes... lures... bait... temptations... enticements contest prizes for you! which include Fish! Custom named sloops! Fish! Trinkets! Fish! Fancy Clothes! Fish! and also ... Fish.

The object of this contest is to create interesting and attractive patterns for use in our GCPP Gilthead Furnishing Puzzle proposal game. Within our game, patterns based on horizontal color bands, and vertical shape matching result in normal bonuses, but for certain special patterns (e.g. a table filled entirely with nothing but FISH!!) we want to award bigger bonuses. Sure, we could come up with patterns all on our own - and we have - but where's the fun in that?
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