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Outage - My Research.

First off: I am not speaking on behalf of OOO in any official capacity what so ever. I'm just a person who's done a bit of research into the outage on my own.

All of my traces, regardless of where I try and connect from end like this:
12 ( 10.237 ms 9.709 ms 9.702 ms
13 ( 10.845 ms 12.148 ms 11.778 ms
14 ( 11.391 ms !H 10.998 ms !H 15.374 ms !H

Line # 14 is where you see the problem. The !H stuff.
That's the router saying, essentially, "I can't find the host on the inside"

It can be caused by routing table issues on the router. I.E. someone fed their router crap info. Considering it started happening last night, I don't suspect that's the problem.
It can be caused by a failed link between the router and the inside firewall or switch, or whatever the "next hop" is for connecting to the game server. I don't know their layout, so can't say. However, if it was a bad cable, card, etc, I suspect it would have been found fairly quickly as well.
What that leaves us with is a problem either on the firewall itself (Possible) or with the internal LAN segment (another possibility)

The one thing I find odd is that of all the oceans except malachite are not responding on port 4007 (the YPP game port)

~$ telnet 4007

~$ telnet 4007

~$ telnet 4007

~$ telnet 4007
telnet: Unable to connect to remote host: Connection refused

But Malachite is actively telling people "Get Lost"

I'll keep digging into this, and provide updates here, unless people think it's not appropriate.
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I figured it was part of the Lag Hunt they're on right now. Before the forums went down there was information about how the lag hunt temporarily broke the ability to log into the wiki.
Betcha they are majorly reconstructing database calls, and possibly making the wiki database less real time?

Sure, I'd love to hear your updates. It beats watching the PP main page go from 997 pirates to 0 pirates to 800 pirates to 0 pirates to...

Irig on Viridian
ps: link to the Funishing proposal prototype. We're definitely going to ask Apollo if we can extend the contest.
Are any of the links trying to go through south Texas or anywhere in the Ohio River Valley? Given the massive power problems in both places, including lack of cell phone service because the towers themselves do not have power, (and they are still dealing with it - I have close relatives in both locations) I have to wonder if the storms from this past weekend have caused problems elsewhere on the telecom grid.
The servers are hosted in California, last I checked.
I understood... none of that. Lol. But by all means, please to be doing that geeky thing you do. :)
Thanks for posting this!
Yes, that was interesting, although interpreting it is tricky.