Nate (reboot_kid) wrote in puzzle_pirates,

Custom client sizes

So, while looking into some problems I was having, I came across this little beauty of a thread on the main YPP forums.

Short answer, YPP stores the client window resolution in a java preferences setting.
I have often wished that the YPP client supported window resizing. It doesn't, and I accept that.
Given this little bit, you can go tweak your system and get any client size you want.

For windows users, those preferences are stored at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\rsrc\config\yohoho\client
Linux: $HOME/.java/.userPrefs/rsrc/config/yohoho/client/prefs.xml
MacOS: /rsrc.config.yohoho.plist

The values you want to change are: display_height and display_width

I'm currently running it at 1200x700.
I wanted it to be almost full screen, but give me a bit of real-estate on both sides of the screen for IM tools and the such.
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