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Not Qualified Enough? And a Question

I absolutely LOVE going on Cursed Island Adventures. Out of all the times I've gone so far (which I've lost count now), only about two of the adventures (this I've kept count of!) have sunk. Over all, the trips have been pretty successful, and they're a lot of fun.

However, whenever I go on CI adventures, it's always because I'm invited by my hearty. If I tried to apply for a job with someone who's going to a CI on the Notice Board, I *never* get picked, and it seems my inquiry just goes on ignored/denied.

Has anyone ever got that before? Could it be that the captain of the ship is looking at my stats and think I'm not qualified enough, even though I know the puzzles, but just have lousy stats currently?

Also a question...Is it against the rules and/or ToS to exchange an in-game item for artwork? For example, say I wanted a Serpent, but there's no way in the Seven Seas I'll ever be able to save up my PoE and afford one...so I offer a commission illustration instead - the interested party with a serpent would get an original piece of artwork (mailed right to them if they wanted), and in exchange, I'd get the serpent.

I was just curious about that :)
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